Fraser River Counselling

If you decide FRC is the right fit for you, you can complete an online intake form here and

you will be put on the wait list for services.  You will receive a confirmation email and an

approximate wait list time.  You can also visit FAQ to assess if FRC is suitable for your needs. 

This page contains important information about special circumstances in which our services

are limited or adjustments to services need to be made.

If you have additional questions, contact the intake worker.

What to Expect

FRC is run through Trinity Western University, which means that all of our counsellors are students in the Masters of Arts Counselling Psychology program.  Since this is a learning environment, the student-counsellor works with a team of other student-counsellors and

a supervisor, who is a Registered Clinical Counsellor.  All of your counselling will be one-on-one with the same counsellor each week. 

The supervisor and a few other counsellors will be viewing portions of the session through video camera from another room to check in on the counsellor for the purpose of providing the counsellor with feedback. All sessions are video-recorded so that the counsellor can watch the session to learn from it, but the videos are deleted after the counsellor has viewed them.  All video-recordings are stored on a password-protected computer and any digital files are encrypted to ensure confidentiality.  All of the information in each session is kept strictly confidential within that team unless you are a danger to yourself or others or child abuse is suspected. 

Once you reach the top of the wait list, a counsellor will contact you to set up an appointment.  They will provide you with information you need for your first session and answer any questions you have .  You will be required to read and sign the informed consent agreement at your first session to receive counselling services.  Click here to download a copy and read it before your first appointment.

The Intake