Fraser River Counselling

Privacy Policy

At Fraser River Counselling, we recognize that counselling is a vulnerable process.  Given that our program is a learning environment for counsellors, we require that the sessions are video-recorded.  We understand that this can be uncomfortable, but we want you to know that we aim to ensure your privacy is protected.  

  • Our primary purpose in obtaining personal information is to provide counselling
    services. As part of the intake process, we collect information about your name,
    date of birth, address, family, history of substance use, suicidality, and abuse, as
    well as your psychological, medical, and legal history. This helps our counsellors
    assess what your needs are and to collaborate treatment plans with you. 
  • If you choose at any time to provide personal information via email, online form,
    paper-and-pencil format, or otherwise, be assured that this information will never
    be given out, sold to advertisers, or used for any purpose other than to support our
    direct services.
  • Fraser River Counselling will not reveal your personal information to any other third
    party without your written permission, with some exceptions  which are outlined in
    the policy.
  • We encourage you to read our privacy policy so you are more  informed as to what
    measures we take to address privacy concerns.

Please download a copy for your records:

FRC Privacy Policy